Welcome to finland - Tervetuloa suomeen - Herzlich willkommen in Finnland


We are in Rajalanvaara / 83900 Juuka, North Karelia,

close to the Lake Pielinen and Koli National Park.


Reserve your private time for a peaceful hour.


Whatsapp +358 46 687 43 43 (No Calls!)

Online Booking kalendar: vello.fi/buckleysranch

Facebook Messenger: facebook.com/buckleysranch


After booking an appointment you get a google maps location to find our Buckley's Ranch.


We love horses <3






Just 6 km from Kolinportti is a great place to spend relaxing time with horses. For our horses it doesn't matter how old you are or what your conditions are. Each horse has an individual training absolved and is working either as riding horse, hiking horse, children horse, therapy horse and more. 
These horses are professionally trained to be calm in every situation and under all circumstances:


  • If you or your kids always wanted to try riding, the beginner horses will guide you through your first experiences. 
  • If you want to hike through the forest, next to a horse, the trained hiking horses are the perfect companion to carry your bags and give you some nice cuddles along the way. 
  • If your kids want to get a to horse, the children horses love to be brushed and hugged. 
  • When you are retired and all you want is a nice, calm and comfy place to relax, you can spend your day on the field or in the forest and just because of the presence of the senior horse, it will take away the loneliness and give you the peace you seek for. And whenever you want to walk a little bit, the horse will keep up in the pace you want to go.
  • For the case you are limited by physical or mental disabilities, like a broken leg, paralysis, ADHD, autism, down syndrome or anything else, a therapy horse is what you need. These horses are trained to be very careful with you and always watch that nothing is going to happen with you. Either come just for brushing and cuddles or try some guided riding on the riding area.
  • We may have a wonderful summer time, and all matters seem to be gone. But it's still for some people a part of their daily life to struggle with mental issues. If you, or anyone you know, suffers from any issues, contact Buckley’s Ranch immediately and get a time reserved for therapeutic assistance. The horses will get you out of every struggle you, or someone you know are fighting with. 


If any of this sounds interesting to you, don't hesitate and get in touch with Anka and Livana. Both are very kind, tolerant and understanding people. 

Book your appointment on Vello.fi/buckleysranch and plan your holiday trip to Buckley’s Ranch Rajalanvaara. You can also write per whatsapp under +358 46 687 43 43 or Messenger facebook.com/buckleysranch


Lets spread this word around to make more people get the chance to get back to nature and animals. 


Buckley - the namesake of the ranch
Our lovely donkey <3


This website is in work of progress - and still not done. Don't hesitate to contact us - we show you the first informations under https://buckleysranch.com


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