Buckley's Story

Hi. I am Buckley. My passport says Buck, but they call me Buckley ;) And I want to tell you now my story.


I was born in Finland/Suomi. Unfortunately, I came as a baby on a horse transport, to the direction of Spain. From there we went to Italy. No one bought me in Spain, neither in Italy.

So, we went on to the Netherlands. Since I was underfed, small and quite mentally broke, no one wanted me there either. That is why I ended up with the slaughter horses. They were advertised on the Internet and so a woman from Germany found me. Again, we went on the horse truck and to Germany. I was in terrible condition when I arrived at my new owner's. The vet gave me almost not any chance of survival. My best friend with the same fate died a little later at his new owner. But I fought my way back to life. My new owner did everything for me and saved me. She gave me a second life and a few years in Germany.


And now comes the plot twist of the story: I am the healthiest, friendliest horse of the world and back in Finland!!!


My rescuer sold me to her horse trainer. Because I had become a good-hearted, child-loving but overactive fellow who only had nonsense in his head. She said I need a job. And the kids would love me.

One year I was with the horse trainer, my new owner on her ranch in Germany. I met a lot of new, nice friends. And the kids really loved me. And then suddenly, the said: horse truck. I was extremely nervous at first and wanted to jump out of the truck again. But my friends were all with me.

My horse trainer owner moved to Finland and took everyone of us with her. Her, or better said: Our whole big horse family.

We all live here in this cool area now. And I am back home. In Finland.


And hopefully I never have to get on a horse truck again.


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