I want riding outside in the forrest / hills. Is it possible?

In order to explore our beautiful nature on horseback, you need to have level B2 riding skills or a cross-country rider certificate from an official equestrian association.

In order to check the riding skills, you must book a riding lesson. This is a condition before booking a ride. 

If the required riding skills are not available, we can offer our course: "education for trailride".  On-rope riding is possible from level A1. 

Level B2 includes: free riding in three gaits (walk, trot, canter).  Easy jumps, cross-country riding experience, control and guidance of the horse even in difficult situations.



My Kid is under 6 years and want learn riding.

Our regularly riding lessons aren't available for kids under 6 years. But we have a wonderful pony play time every weekend between 9 and 12 o'clock.

We have the knowledge, that the kids learn riding better, when they are  some time in school . Because this is a new life for your kid! For younger kids it's better to spend the time with horses without strict education! The best age to learn really good riding is with 10 years.



It is possible to help at your ranch and spend time with horses?

Reinforcement wanted for our team


Position 1: Language workshop: Are you interested in foreign languages? Do you like horses? Join our workshop. Every Tuesday and Friday from 4 to 6 p.m. we clean horses and learn terms from equine science in English, Finnish and German. Or if you speak a different language - hey!!! super!!!! We love horses and languages. The workshop is performance versus work. Your tasks in this case are cleaning the (future) school horses, leading and obedience on the riding arena and then grazing in the terrain.


Position 2  Assistance: We are looking for you if you have Finnish as your mother tongue AND other very good knowledge of English or German (also in other languages). You assist us during the riding lessons, prepare the horses with us before and after, translate our instructions to the riders if necessary and get a foster horse in return. If you have good riding skills, you can ride in the riding lessons.


Position 3  Preparer: We are looking for you if you have very good riding skills, are capable of learning, courageous, relaxed and consistent and want to train two horses each at least twice a week (under guidance or independently). It is a non-profit work and is not remunerated. Be a part of our team, find your riding family here.


Position 4  Horse keeper: We are looking for you if you want to devote your free time to the old or sickhorses. They need regular care (cleaning, brushing out mane, creaming, adding food, going grazing, loving) and need you. You can allocate your own time and in return get tons of love and joy from the horses. If you do not have enough experience in dealing with horses, we can guide you for a small fee. We also accept in kind  ?


All activities can be combined.




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